Psalm 26:2 “Examine me, O LORD, and try me; Test my mind and my heart.”

What does examine mean? The Greek word for examine, bḥn (בחן) was a term used by blacksmiths to test the character of metals by melting, to remove debris, in order to detect and determine the purity and strength of the metal: they were put to the test. David understood the need to be put to the test by God. He was willing to allow God to examine him in order to remove the impurities (debris) of the world, that he might be found worthy and faithful to be God’s representative in the earth.

The true Follower of Christ understands the importance of spiritual examination. It is during this time that the Lord makes us aware of all that aligns with His will and that which does not. He removes what is not useful in order to strengthen what remains. We must be both open and sensitive to the promptings of the Lord. When we are willing to be transparent to allow God to examine us, it will reveal every area of our lives that needs to be addressed so that we can walk in unbroken Fellowship with the Father.

I challenge you today to allow Him to examine your heart and mind. It will lead you to a more enriched relationship with God.

Prayer: Father, in every area of my life, make me transparent before You. Reveal and remove every inconsistency and strengthen and perfect what remains: I yield and give them to You to make me into the Servant You desire for me to be. I love You Lord, Amen.


Dr. J. Elvin Sadler