1 Samuel 1:10  “In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord.”

Attempting to sign on to one of my computer programs this morning, there seemed be a problem.  I was watching and waiting for the program to open but the little wheel (little circle) simply kept spinning.  All of a sudden there was a message that popped up which said “. . .is not responding.”  I looked again and the wheel was still spinning.  Then I began to reflect on how life sometimes can feel the same way.  You may feel your life is spinning out of control.  You may feel as though you aren’t getting anywhere.  Your life is just spinning. You feel you have lost control and there is a failure in your connection.   You keep getting the message “. . .not responding.”  Hannah had this same experience.  She had reached the place where she felt her life situation spinning and she was getting no response; nothing was happening. It seemed her situation would not change.  She found herself “in bitterness of soul.”   While weeping bitterly, Hannah poured out her soul to the Lord.  She made her connection through prayer.  Hannah received a response from The Lord.  He heard her cry.  He answered her prayer.

I challenge you today that if your life seems to be spinning out of control, earnestly call on the name of the Lord.  Make your connection with God and allow him to respond to your need.  He knows and recognizes your pain.  He is the only one who can solve your problems.