2 Samuel 22:33  God is my strength and power, He makes my way perfect.

Life challenges often times are draining.  Disappointments can pull on the very fabric of your soul.  Heartaches strips away your joy.  The weight of burdens too heavy to bare makes us feeble and frail.  Temptations strike where we are most vulnerable.  Have you ever felt that all your strength is gone; you have been zapped of all energy and will to fight?  David understood how hard it was to muster up energy to fight in his own power.  He came to realize that his strength and power came from God.  David said “God is my strength and power. . .”  Fighting against an invisible enemy requires supernatural strength.  May I remind you of Matthew 26:41 The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  David testifies to the fact that God makes his way perfect or secure.  As he speaks of the strength of God, he is profoundly aware that whatever problems or obstacles he faces in life, God will make his path secure or free from obstacles.  Through the struggles of life, God grants us strength to endure and overcome.  Let me encourage you to trust God through every struggle and allow Him to strengthen you and lead you.  You can’t lose with God on your side.