. . . because you have no room for my word.      John 8:37

Have you ever heard of or encountered a hoarder?  A hoarder is one who accumulates stuff with no intention of getting rid of it.  They have no problem piling things up, whether they need them or not.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to maneuver around within their dwelling because of the enormous intake of objects they have retained.  The effects of hoarding can extend beyond an overstuffed home. It can put people’s health at risk. It can damage families. It can affect surrounding neighborhoods.  And treating it requires more than a big box of trash bags.  Similarly, we as Christians sometimes allow stuff, particularly junk to overcrowd our minds. We take in so much gossip and negative comments.  We have become addicted to certain television shows that feed our spirit a lot of junk. Attitudes like hatred, jealousy, greed, and malice also clutter our spiritual sense.  Jesus’ words in John 8:37 “because you have no room for my word” tells me we must make room.  With intentionality, we are to “make room” for the Word of God.  During this season of Lent, let us concentrate on those things in our lives (the junk) that have cluttered our minds causing spiritual decay.  Get rid of the junk. Make Room for the Word and the Word will make room for you.  Take time to read God’s word and allow the Word to speak to your situations.  God’s word will cleanse us, bring healing, strength and joy into our lives if we would only “Make Room” for it.  Make Room!