“I knew that You always hear me. . .”     John 11:42  (NIV)

I recall as a young girl, the tone of voice my mother had when she thought we were not listening to her while she was speaking to us.  She would speak in such a stern voice asking “Do you hear me?”  It is very troubling and disheartening when you are talking to someone and it is as if they are not listening to you.  Especially in those times when you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, it is disturbing to know that you have poured out your heart unto someone and they have not heard a word you have said.  But I thank God He hears us when we call upon Him.  Jesus, speaking to His Father, said in John 11:42, “I knew that You always hear me.”  It is reassuring to know that when you as God’s children call upon Him, you have his undivided attention.  You can pour out your heart to Him, make known your deepest desires and secrets.  God knows the voice of his children and hears their every cry.  Jesus said “You always. . .” there is not a time when we call upon the Father that he does not hear us.  He may not answer as quickly as we would want Him to but we can do as Jesus did and thank God in advance for hearing our call.  So as His child when you pray, believe He hears me and He will answer.