Psalm 62:8(NIV) Trust in Him at all times, O people, pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. 

Have you ever felt as though you had no one you can talk to and share your secrets? Maybe life has presented you with so many challenges and you feel you are in it all by yourself. Perhaps your dreams have been crushed. Well, let me remind you that God is always there for you. It is God’s desire that we cast all our problems on him. You can tell God your deepest hurts and sorrows. You can tell God all about your biggest mistakes. You can truthfully share with God your innermost pain. God wants us to always trust in Him. Regardless of how or what things may appear to be, God is in control. We are to trust Him at all times. Trusting God means giving up your control and yielding to God. Pour out your heart to God just as David did. David faced many dangers but he trusted God as his refuge. Pouring out your heart to God means emptying oneself and surrendering all to God. David knew God would be his security in times of trouble.
Therefore, I challenge you today to allow David’s words of exhortation to encourage you to trust in God at all times. For David declares “for God is our refuge” not his refuge alone. Begin to pour out your heart to God today.