Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.   Psalm 16:1  (KJV)

How safe is it in this world today?  The increased violence and senseless murders in our communities renders cause for alarm.  Many people are living in fear of leaving their homes.  Some may ask why are Christians afraid?  The truth is, life’s circumstances can sometimes cause the faithful to lose confidence and heighten their concern for safety.  David, a man after God’s own heart came to understand that in the midst of trouble God would be his shelter.  David prayed to God for covering.  Asking God to preserve him expresses David’s desire for God to keep him safe.  Just like David, we too must put our trust in God who is able to keep us.  When I think of preserving, I am reminded of how my grandmother would preserve fruit and can fresh vegetables.  She would use the old fashion mason jars.  After filling the jars with fruit or vegetables, she would tightly seal the jars to keep its contents fresh.  These jars remained covered.  As long as the jars remained covered and tightly sealed, its content was preserved in order to be used later.  Once the time came to open a jar, we thoroughly enjoyed the great taste of the fruit and/or vegetables.  Likewise, ask God to preserve you so you can celebrate and enjoy life even in the midst of trouble.  God can preserve you from the enemy’s attack, sin, self and from dangers.  Let God cover you!