Matthew 5:9 NLT God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.

We all have either said it or thought the way we have been treated is “not fair”.  When this happens our response is usually to allow our emotions to guide us and lash out at the offender.  In responding this way, we   can cause additional conflict, especially when our words are negative.  It does not seem fair when you are the one who is right, and not defending yourself ourselves.

In Jesus sermon on the mountain is where we find the benefits of being the peace maker. The peace maker is the one who brings the peace (calmness), not the confusion.   The peace maker is the one who reconciles or negotiates when there is conflict.

The benefits of being a peace maker are that we are blessed (favored), and identified as being God’s children.  Today we should consider being, “peace makers” instead of the “peace breakers”.